Discovery, assessments, and research projects help organizations get a better understanding of their external and internal contexts, gather data, and gain insights to inform strategy and decision-making. These projects are learning and action-oriented, geared toward informing strategic directions. They inform decisions on which strategies to consider and why, which capabilities to strengthen, which clients and markets to serve, which investments to make. Whether the assessment or research focuses on the organization itself, on the needs of its constituencies, or other aspects - we optimize the questions we ask, the data we gather, and the methods we use to the unique strategic goals of each organization.

Discovery, assessment, and research projects include:

  • Trends and sector analysis,

  • Community/stakeholder expectations,

  • Strategic positioning and value proposition review,

  • Program and organizational effectiveness,

  • Funder and partner landscape assessment,

  • Organizational assessments.

Strategy and planning:

  • Strategic positioning analysis,

  • Cost-benefit analyses,

  • Business planning,

  • Business modeling.

Visioning and design:

  • System analysis,

  • Program and organizational visioning,

  • Theory of change development,

  • Program design and development.

Organizational design and development:

  • Organizational assessment,

  • Organizational development plans,

  • Organizational design,

  • Change management support,

  • Monitoring, learning, adaptation.

Facilitation and collaboration:

  • Retreats and workshops,

  • Training and capacity-building,

  • Multi-stakeholder collaboration.

Implementation and execution:

  • Project management,

  • Outsourced support.

Coaching and mentoring:

  • 1:1 coaching,

  • Peer learning,

  • Personal and professional development planning and support.

Learning and adaptation:

  • Program reviews,

  • Knowledge management,

  • Learning journeys.