Bold Social Ventures was founded in 2016. Jean-Louis Robadey, the founder, designed and launched the firm following a twenty-year career supporting impact-driven and sustainability ventures—non-profits and social enterprises, philanthropies and sustainable businesses, domestic and international agencies—as in-house executive and consultant.

Two main insights inspired the launch of the Bold Social Ventures.

On the one hand: there has never been a greater need—or more opportunities—for ambitious, innovative impact programs and ventures to make a difference, at an unprecedented scope and scale. Innovation is everywhere, new organizations and partners emerge daily, there are now more resources, and more kinds of resources, than at any time in recent history.

On the other: in the business of changing the world, organizations face complex strategic and organizational challenges. Needs are changing and growing, approaches that were considered state-of-the-art can become obsolete, organizational forms and business models are becoming increasingly complex, funding streams remain unpredictable and ever-changing.

Bold Social Ventures was created with this simple purpose: to help social impact and sustainability leaders realize their potential by creating ambitious, effective, and scalable programs, organizations, and ventures.


We help changemakers—NGOs and social enterprises, philanthropists and social investors, responsible and sustainable corporations—build ambitious ventures that create social, environmental and other benefits. We do this with services in five areas: strategic management, organizational development, partnership development, fundraising, and innovation. 


We envision a world in which organizations that work to create a more inclusive, sustainable world achieve their full potential—are able to reach more people who need their services, mainstream their breakthrough innovations, influence major policy and system changes, and create the changes they seek, at scale.

What we do

We are a strategy consulting, organizational development, and business development firm. As strategy consultants—we help clients gain insights, make decisions, and mobilize for success. As organizational developers—we help them build effective organizations. As business developers—we help them attract the partners and resources needed to succeed.

Who we support

We work with changemakers—leaders and organizations that develop approaches and solutions to address social, economic, and environmental challenges. Non-profit or for-profit, funders or implementers, thinkers or doers—they are joined in the belief that we can and must tackle these challenges with ambition, and are committed to developing the capacity to do so. The common thread between all our clients is a shared responsibility to seek solutions to the tough challenges of our time—and a commitment to leverage all approaches, solutions, resources, models, and partnerships.


All our projects, programs, and initiatives share common attributes. We are goal-oriented—we focus on results and outcomes. We are collaborative—we recognize the fact that sustainable change stems out of productive collaborations. We value data and process—insights and a structured approach lead to better decisions. We are adaptive—change is not a linear process. We are cost-effective—we don't do unnecessary, busy, expensive work. We are accountable—we are transparent about our work and results. We are learners—every project is an opportunity to improve.

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Bold Social Ventures was founded by Jean-Louis Robadey, following a twenty-year career supporting and managing a variety of impact-driven programs and enterprises. Prior to founding Bold Social Ventures, Jean-Louis led business development and partnerships for the ClimateWorks Foundation, a global philanthropic collaborative; managed social impact and social innovation practices for Fenton and WE Communications, two communications and public affairs consultancies; oversaw strategic management for Pact Inc., a international non-profit; and honed management consulting and large-scale project management skills with Andersen Consulting/Accenture.

Partners and associates

Bold Social Ventures is founded on a collaborative business model. Valuable knowledge, insights, and expertise come from different places and organizations. We draw from a network of preferred partners and associates, and build teams that are custom-designed to meet the needs of a project or initiative. 

Partners contribute sector expertise in sustainability and climate change, public health, community development, economic development, media and communications, and information technology, among others.

They also bring extensive functional know-how in innovation and design thinking, organizational development and operations management, business development and fundraising, and strategic communications.