Your partner in your impact journey.

You are on an organizational journey. We offer a suite of services to support you along the way.

Understanding your journey

You have a unique history, context and circumstances, goals and approaches.

Every leader, organization, and community is on a unique journey. They have different insights, their worldviews are shaped by different experiences and stations in life, their personalities are unique, as are their goals and ways of working.

Across projects and engagements, we work to develop a unique understanding of that journey, what inspired it, the forces and events that shaped it ans made it what it is today. History is not destiny - but the past does have an impact on both present and future. Understanding our journey puts projects in context. 

Working together

Partnering to support your success.

As consultants, we understand that all engagements are, ultimately, about your success. What this means, concretely, is that all we do is shaped by a few simple questions: are we adding value? Is this the right service, at the right time? Are we providing the right insights, experience, expertise? Are we doing things efficiently, effectively?

As a result, our work is highly customized, our services individualized to the specific needs of a project or assignment. We approach consulting as a partnership, and our services as a toolbox. We don't bend the job to adapt to our tools - we leverage the tools that are right for the job. Each organization is different. We adapt our approach to meet those needs.

First principles

The values that guide our work

We are driven by core values and principles. Those guide the projects and engagements we take on, how we work and deliver, and how we partner.  The five core values that guide our work are:

Context matters

Appreciative inquiry




Each context is unique. Cookie cutter approaches don't work. 

Every person, organization, community has strengths. That's where we start.

All perspectives, experiences, and positions deserve respect and deserve to be heard.

We work to achieve results.

We are always learning. We are adaptive and open to change.

Core methods

How we approach our work.

We all have different ways of working that shape how we approach projects, think about challenges, design solutions, manage the process along the way. They influence the questions we ask, and how we develop answers.

Methods are not set in stone, or immutable. They change and evolve and can be used flexibly at different times, to solve different problems. But they do shape the way we think and work. The core methods that guide our work are:

Strategic management. We thrive to clarify vision, work toward clear objectives, find alignment between goals and the strategies and resources required to achieve them. 

Critical thinking. We avoid simplistic solutions. We ask hard questions, because we know it will get us closer to meaningful answers. We challenge ourselves to think of the next blind spot.

Systems thinking. All changes happen in the context of a system. We strive to understand those systems.

Collaborative design. Solutions are brought about by real people working together to tackle real issues. Ultimately, while good frameworks and theories matter, we believe that the best design comes out of collaborative processes. 

Developmental approach. Few thinks in life are set in stone - and organizations are not one of them. Circumstances are always changing, we are always learning. We are highly adaptive and developmental in our approach.

Implementation orientation. The ultimate test of the value of an idea is - can we get it done? We focus on and support bringing ideas into the real world, quickly, and then testing, learning, and refining those ideas.

Whether we are helping you innovate, develop partnerships, raise funds, or build capacity - these are principles we apply to all our engagements.