In addition to supporting clients with consulting, organizational development, and business development services, we also incubate our own impact initiatives. Current initiatives focus on wellness, technology, and sustainability.

Unmet needs are all around us, as are the opportunities to design, build, and grow innovative programs, ventures and initiatives. We are committed to playing our part in supporting innovations that create positive impact.

Initiatives we support focus on opportunities with large-scale potential for transformative change, and innovative, ambitious features.

Internet for All -Connectivity Challenge Fund

The Internet has transformed our lives. And yet - billions of people still do not have access to what so many of us consider a basic utility, Countless opportunities are not available to them as a result.

Bold Social Ventures, in partnership with Resonance and AMGlobal, is in the process of designing and building a blended finance fund to support internet service providers and entrepreneurs who bridge the digital divide. 

Urban Farming -

The Farm Next Door

Vertical farming is emerging as a promising technology to help the world address agriculture food production in the 21st century.

The Farm Next Door is an education program designed to raise awareness and inspire entrepreneurs, investors and communities to explore and embrace this emerging technology.

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Climate Action Now -Target Zero

To mitigate the worst impacts of climate change, we will need to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the next generation.

But do we know how, do we have the knowledge and motivation to act with the urgency and at the scale and speed required?

Target Zero is an education program that helps citizens learn about, and adopt, strategies to reduce emissions in their own lives. Target Zero encourages changes in behavior via engaging,, relatable communications. 

Are you designing or building an initiative that tackles an interesting challenge in new ways? Are you looking for a thought partner, strategist, collaborator and fundraiser for your initiative?