Social innovation

Sourcing, seeding, and developing ideas with potential to change the world.

Tackling tough challenges requires organizations that are able to innovate—to develop new solutions and ways of working. We help organizations turn innovations into the great programs and ventures of tomorrow.

What we offer

We work with leaders and teams to power their innovation and to design and launch new programs and ventures.

Lanscape mapping

Successful innovations solve an unmet challenge, tackle a problem in new ways.  For organizations that set out on this journey, the landscape of needs and possibilities is often vast. 

We help organizations map that landscape, and identify promising areas of unmet needs. We analyze areas of opportunity, identify white spaces, and prioritize areas where new ideas can make the greatest contribution.

Innovation Sourcing

Innovation does not happen in a vacuum. Often, ideas and solutions already exist, among staff, partners and networks. Some are fully developed already, others are more raw. 

We help organizations mine their own staff and partners to surface ideas. We sollicit ideas, and evaluate them based on feasibility and alignment with the problem to be solved.

Design program or solution

Develop the blueprint to turn an innovative idea into a real-life program or venture.

Few innovations appear fully formed, ready to launch. Successful innovations require design, prototyping, testing, iterating - and collaborating with partners every step of the way.

We help organizations refine the blueprint of their innovations. We engage experts, program participants, funders and other stakeholders in a collaborative process, and facilitate program and business model design. 

Raise seed funds

Put fuel in your start-up tank.

Great innovations need an initial boost - an infusion of capital and resources that can help turn an idea into a real program, venture, project. Early stage funding is critical - and can be challenging with an untested idea.

We help innovative programs and ventures raise those first, critical funds - from internal stakeholders and Boards, close partners, or external investors. We evaluate the funding landscape, refine the business model, craft the value proposition, positioning, and pitch, and facilitate outreach, engagement, and negotiations with venture funders.

Iterate and refine

Launch, test, learn, adapt.

Innovations go through iterations and phases of piloting, testing, learning, and refinement. This requires nimbleness, adaptability, openness to integrating new information and feedback.  We help organizations and teams facilitate this process of learning and adaptation.