Partnerships with changemakers across sectors

We serve purpose-driven organizations, programs, and ventures, across the spectrum of business models and legal structures - non-profits, social enterprises, philanthropies, impact investors, and sustainable corporations.

You are on a journey. We provide navigation support - help you understand your changing environment, clarify your goals and strategies, power your innovations, build effective organizations, develop productive partnerships, and raise funds. 


Staying relevant and focused in a world of ever-expanding needs and expectations.

Ever-changing and growing needs, evolving program and delivery models, complex stakeholder demands, calls for greater impact, efficiency and accountability, all in a context of often scarce resources - many non-profit organizations face an ever-changing environment of accelerating complexity.

We support non-profits with strategic management, organizational development, partnership development, and fundraising services. Our support helps NGOs stay ahead of their changing environment, bring innovative programs to those who need them, and build the organizational and financial capacity to deliver.

Social enterprises

We help social entrepreneurs design, launch, and grow their world-changing ventures.

Social entrepreneurs see unmet needs, and seek to address them with innovative solutions that leverage business practices to achieve social, economic, and other returns. 

We work with social entrepreneurs to clarify their offerings, develop and implement go-to-market strategies, build organizational capacity to adapt, pivot, and change, develop strategic partnerships, and raise funds.

Private philanthropies

Partnering with philanthropists and philanthropic foundations to maximize their impact

Philanthropists and their foundations have seen their roles change and evolve dramatically over the past years. Philanthropy has become more strategic, focused, accountable, collaborative - with a view to achieving greater impact.

Working alongside the non-profit, business, and public sector - philanthropy has also become a critical risk capital of social change, able to invest financial and other resources to seek new solutions, tackle complex challenges.

We support philanthropists and foundations with strategic management services - helping them assess their issue landscape, and evaluate opportunities and risks;  we support their collaborative and partnerships efforts, with other foundations and with the organizations they support; and we help them learn and adapt to changing circumstances.

Impact and social investors

Helping impact capitalism navigate sectors and investment opportunities.

Impact investing, socially-responsible investing, sustainable investing - these and other monikers reflect a changing landscape of capitalism, one where investors increasingly seek to align financial and other returns.

We help investors understand the landscape of risks and opportunities offered by investments that seek double- or triple- bottom lines, and position themselves for success - develop the capacity and partnerships needed to engage effectively.

Responsible corporations

Helping companies align business and purpose.

Responsible and sustainable corporations deeply embed social, environmental and other considerations in their business strategies and operations. Whether they are fully aligned with an issue or a cause, or develop sustainable practices that support a broader purpose - they recognize that their fate is intimately linked with a cause broader than themselves.

We help businesses map the social, economic and environmental issues they should pay attention to and prioritize the strategies that best support their business and business model, and support them as they implement their strategies - engaging employees, finding partners, and collaborating with a wide range of stakeholders.

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