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Every situation is unique. We custom-design our services to meet you where you are in your journey, and scope and size our engagements to your needs, organizational and financial capacity, and culture.

Discovery, assessments, and research

Gain insights, inform decisions.

Discovery, assessments, and research projects help organizations get a better understanding of their external and internal contexts, gather data, and gain insights to inform strategy and decision-making. These projects are learning and action-oriented, geared toward informing strategic directions. They inform decisions on which strategies to consider and why, which capabilities to strengthen, which clients and markets to serve, which investments to make. Whether the assessment or research focuses on the organization itself, on the needs of its constituencies, or other aspects - we optimize the questions we ask, the data we gather, and the methods we use to the unique strategic goals of each organization.

Discovery, assessment, and research projects include:

  • Trends and sector analysis,

  • Community/stakeholder expectations,

  • Strategic positioning and value proposition review,

  • Program and organizational effectiveness,

  • Funder and partner landscape assessment,

  • Organizational assessments.

Strategy and planning:

  • Strategic positioning analysis,

  • Cost-benefit analyses,

  • Business planning,

  • Business modeling.

Visioning and design:

  • System analysis,

  • Program and organizational visioning,

  • Theory of change development,

  • Program design and development.

Organizational design and development:

  • Organizational assessment,

  • Organizational development plans,

  • Organizational design,

  • Change management support,

  • Monitoring, learning, adaptation.

Facilitation and collaboration:

  • Retreats and workshops,

  • Training and capacity-building,

  • Multi-stakeholder collaboration.

Implementation and execution:

  • Project management,

  • Outsourced support.

Coaching and mentoring:

  • 1:1 coaching,

  • Peer learning,

  • Personal and professional development planning and support.

Learning and adaptation:

  • Program reviews,

  • Knowledge management,

  • Learning journeys.

Visioning and design

Clarify direction, design solutions.

Great endeavors are driven by a clear and shared vision, and by well-designed organizations, programs, products, services.  We offer services that help teams and organizations clarify their vision, collectively. We also facilitate collaborative design processes - program design, product design, organization design - that untangle complexity, focus on simplicity, clarity, and functionality, and allow for necessary iterations and adaptations.

Strategic and business planning

Build actionable roadmaps that clarify goals, focus strategies, and mobilize for action.

Who doesn't want to be strategic? Who doesn't need a plan? Too often, however - organizations lack the time, focus, and resources to build those plans, let alone execute them. And too many times, strategy and planning processes take on a life of their own, and become overly time- and resource-consuming.

Our strategic and business planning processes help organizations clarify the strategic questions they need answered, understand the landscape of opportunities, engage stakeholders, make decisions - and set the stage for execution. We don't do process for process' sake - every step is geared toward achieving the desired strategic result.

Implementation and execution

Get support getting things done.

Internal resources are often stretched thin, or simply lack the specific skills needed to get the job done. This is true for organizations and programs at all stages of development - whether they are just starting out, developing new competencies, or growing. We offer outsourced services that complement internal teams, and work in close collaboration with them, helping them incubate and implement their social innovations, facilitate collaborative initiatives, and implement organizational development or business development initiatives.

Learning and adaptation

Track, evaluate, adjust.

In the process of developing new programs, building organizations, or increasing the scale of their work - organizations are always learning, and can use those learnings to inform changes and adaptations, and hold themselves accountable to their stakeholders. We help organizations monitor their activities, based on their goals and performance metrics, and facilitate monitoring and learning programs that help them adapt and change. 

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