Build a strong organization

Develop capacity to deliver on your mission.

Organizational capacity refers to a team, program, or organization's ability to deliver on its goals, and to build the infrastructure needed to do so - the strategies, leadership capabilities, team competencies, and governance, systems and operational capabilities needed to succeed. A strong organizational foundation is necessary for achieving results. 

We help organizations build the capabilities they need to deliver on their mission. We do this with organizational assessments, strategic and business planning, and organizational development and learning programs and services.

what we offer  

We offer comprehensive organizational development services—from strategic plans to detailed organizational and operational design, from initial assessments to in-depth implementation of organizational development plans.

Organizational Assessments

Create a baseline

All organizations have areas of strength and areas where they could use improvements. Needs change, circumstances change, organizations evolve, adapt, pivot. Organizational assessments help to create a baseline of knowledge and understanding of changing contexts, and of the opportunities available to evolve and adapt.

Our organizational assessments are strength-based and learning-oriented, participatory and inclusive. We start from a place of appreciation rather than judgement, with a desire to help organizations improve and embrace the adoption of new skills and capabilities - while preserving, and building from, existing strengths. Organizational assessments are designed to highlight strengths, reveal blind spots, and drive ongoing learning and change.

Develop the plan

Prioritize the capacities you need.

Who doesn't want to be strategic? And who doesn't need a plan? But what does "being strategic" really mean? And how do we build bridges between strategic intent and ability to execute? 

We support organizations with strategic management and business planning services. We help them gain insights on their environment - what is constant, what is changing; assess their current strategic positioning; identify new venues and ways to envision their business; make strategic decisions; and create executable plans. In the process - we mobilize internal and external stakeholders, and facilitate alignment and buy-in.

Organizational, business model, and process design

Put the pieces together.

Organizations are complex puzzles, requiring roles, functions, skills, and processes to work in synch, and efficiently. We provide organizational, operational and process design services. We help organizations identify the roles, functions and skills they need to succeed, and become more efficient, effective, and accountable in the process.  

Organizational design focuses primarily on aligning how the organization operates - its culture, structure, people, processes - with its strategy and goals. We assess which functions are most critical, how effectively they operate, what needs they have, and build organizational development plans that respond to these needs.

Organizational learning 

Learn and adapt to changing circumstances.

For many organizations, change is the only constant. Modern organizations, large or small, centralized or decentralized, depend for their success on their ability to evaluate their performance, learn from experience, take stock of what is working or isn't, and adapt and evolve accordingly.

We help organizations design and manage learning processes that are inclusive and participatory, appreciate, and geared toward creating adaptive, resilient institutions. Learning processes also involve partners, funders, and other stakeholders whose contributions are critical to the organization's success. 

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