We help changemakers navigate their impact journey, from start-up to scale-up. 

We help them design innovative initiatives, mobilize resources and partners, and build high-impact ventures.

Social innovation

Design a better mouse trap.

Complex challenges require innovative responses.

We help organizations turn insights, ideas, and innovations into actionable ventures.  

Business development and fundraising

Put fuel in your tank.

There is no way around it: without adequate resources, the boldest vision is little more than a paper exercize.

We help organizations build, sustain, and grow their revenue and resource base.

Partnership development and collaboration.

Explore, design, and develop productive collaborations and partnerships.

Most problems worth solving require collaboration.

We help leaders and institutions design, build, and manage productive collaborations.

Strategic management

Discover your North Star, and align your goals, strategies, resources to realize your vision.

Great strategies don't have to be complicated. They need to be well-informed, focused, targeted, intentional, actionable.

We help organizations position themselves for action and results in a fast-changing world. 

Organizational development

Build stronger, more effective organizations.

Strong, effective, resilient organizations are the backbone of all impact initiative.

We support organizations on their organizational development journey.

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