We've never had more abundance, and more opportunities, to make the world a better place. Abundance of resources, know-how, technologies, human and organizational capacity. Opportunities to create an equitable, prosperous, sustainable world—a world where people and communities everywhere achieve their full potential.

everybody a changemaker

Working for impact used to be the purview of a select few—charities and philanthropists primarily. Not so any more. Non-profits and social enterprises, venture philanthropists and impact investors, sustainable and responsible corporations—we now have a plethora of organizations working for impact, across sectors, and legal structure.


And yet—challenges abound still. Too many people and communities lack access to opportunities and services, face exclusion, vulnerability, are challenged to balance prosperity and environmental sustainability. In a world of plenty, social inequity, lack of opportunity, and unsustainable practices remain the daily lot for millions of people.


In response, leaders and organizations of all types are mobilizing to create change. Governmental and non-governmental agencies, social enterprises and responsible businesses, philanthropies and impact-minded investors—all working, often together, to create programs and ventures that make a difference, build a more equitable, prosperous, sustainable world.

what it takes

Creating impact takes ingenuity—programs, methods, products, services that effectively address challenges. It takes human and organizational capacity—programs and ventures that make a difference, at scale. And it takes resources—partnerships, collaborations, financial resources to sustain and grow those efforts.

helping changemakers everywhere realize their impact potential.

Our mission is to help changemakers realize their impact potential, and create change at a scope and scale commensurate with the challenges they tackle. We do this with consulting, capacity-building, and implementation support services in five areas of practice: social innovation, strategic management, organizational development, partnership development, and fundraising.

social innovation: creating solutions that work

Many social and environmental challenges are so big as to seem intractable. How do you solve for climate change? How do you tackle homelessness, illiteracy, lack of access to resources, services? How do you translate a world-changing mission into practical, well-designed solutions that actually create impact?

Enter program and solutions innovation and design. We help organizations break down complexity, develop a clearer understanding of the problem they are trying to solve, the need they are trying to meet, and design programs, products, services that create social, economic and environmental value.

Building organizational capacity

Even the best, most innovative solutions don't exist in a vacuum. They are delivered by people and by organizations of all stripes—non-profits and social enterprises, foundations and social investors, sustainable and responsible corporations. Their challenge: building the programs, organizations, and ventures that effectively deliver on their mission.

We help them build such organizations. We develop organizational and business models, help them build human and organizational capacity where they need it, and support them as they learn and refine their organizational models to adapt to changing circumstances.


What we do

We help you navigate your impact journey, from start-up, to scale-up.


We are always looking to build new relationships and partnerships, to engage in new exchanges of ideas. Do you have a story to share? An initiative you'd like to discuss? Are you interested in learning more? Please contact us!